arc rae

arc rae is a Berlin-based electronic artist and sound designer.

His music is built around a subtle blend of improvised loops, generative soundscapes and precisely designed motifs that evolve as lush and intense compositions.

Get in touch: contact(at)arcrae(dot)io


Random preset generator for the Novation Peak February 2021

"MIDIRand", a tool to create unexpected sounds through MIDI randomisation.

This Pure Data patch will allow you to send random MIDI messages to your synth and generate new sounds from scratch in a single click. You can use it as a starting point for sound design projects.

Available now on Patchstorage:


Novation Peak vs. Pure Data January 2021

"Odds", an experiment with Pd and coin toss logic gates.

The idea was to generate a random beat and see if I could somehow build a meaningful musical context around it. All sounds made with Peak except the kick/click beat coming directly from Pd.

Full S41 ride around Berlin (time-lapse)December 2020

Music video for the remix of "Search Continues" by Owen Ross.

A time-lapse video showing a complete trip around Berlin in the S41 train - about 37 kilometers and 28 stops - featuring my remix of "Search Continues" by Owen Ross.

Available now on Owen's "Triple Exposure" EP:


Fragments /// Novation Peak ambient presets May 2020

A varied collection of evocative and textural sounds for ambient exploration.

These patches were created with the intention of allowing moments, thoughts and ideas to transcend through the medium of sound. Based on non-linearity and surprise, the hope is inspiration for sonic narrative and fun for the user.

Available now on Novation's Components platform:



Spells March 2021

Label: Slowtrane

Cover Available as a digital release and limited edition of 50 cassettes.

Cover photography by Owen Ross

“There is a palpable sense of longing in the effortless, rhythmic soundscapes of ‘Spells,’ the collaborative EP by French producer arc rae and American producer Owen Ross.”

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Sacred Ground May 2019

Label: Mystery Circles

Cover Available as a digital release and limited edition of 50 cassettes.

Cover art "Hold, release" by Squizzato

“Beautifully produced ambient soundscapes from Berlin. A unique cinematic feel runs throughout - this album shines on a good pair of headphones!”

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